* denotes sourdough bread

(v) denotes vegan



french (v)

baguette (v)

epi-baguette (v)

*sourdough (v)



The feature bread menu changes weekly.

(current menu found HERE).

*sesame sourdough (fridays & saturdays only) (v)

*whole wheat sourdough (v)

*seedy rye sourdough (v)

*honey wheat sourdough

*light rye sourdough (v)

multigrain / sunflower, pumpkin, flax, sesame seeds, millet, oats (v)

garlic cheddar / roasted garlic, cheddar, chili flakes

olive rosemary (v)

rosemary feta

cinnamon raisin

bread cubes (seasonal holidays only, while supplies last)

bagels (wednesday & sunday only, flavours vary, ready at 11:00am)


ALLERGY WARNING:  the following common allergens are used in this bakery: wheat, eggs, milk, tree nuts, ground nuts, and sesame.  it is possible for any product to contain trace amounts of these allergens.  if you have any allergies or concerns, please ask our staff.