At Tall Tree Bakery, we pride ourselves in baking fresh products, from scratch, every day.  That means that our production starts in the wee hours in the morning so that we can have all our freshly baked goodies ready for when we open each morning.  We have cultivated our own starters from scratch for all of our breads and use a long dough rest that results in a higher quality bread with a superior taste.  Each product is handcrafted with care and passion that we hope you enjoy!

how to store your bread

FRESH: the best way to store your bread is to keep it in a plastic/ziplock bag or wrap in plastic wrap.  this will keep it air tight and the freshest.  Keeping your bread in the fridge will stale your bread a lot quicker.


We also sell reusable bread bags from our friends at DANS LE SAC (right).  The reusable bread bags are great for transporting your bread as well as storing it up to 2 days. These bags are made from natural cotton, made in Quebec, and are a sustainable product that helps in the reduction of waste.

FROZEN: the best way to store frozen bread is to slice it and store in a plastic/ziplock bag.  It is best to freeze your bread the day that it is baked to ensure maximum freshness.