frequently asked questions

Q: What are your regular hours of operation:


Wednesday-Friday 8:00-4:00

Saturday-Sunday 9:00-4:00

Mondays and Tuesdays closed


Q: Do you bake cakes or cupcakes?


No. Unfortunately, we do not bake cakes or cupcakes.  They're just not our specialty!

Q: Do you do custom orders?


No. Unfortunately, we do not do custom orders.

Q: Do you offer delivery?

No.  Unfortunately, we do not offer delivery.

Q: Do you offer any gluten-free products?

We are not a gluten-free facility, so we do not have any gluten-free products.  Often we have coconut macaroons on the menu and these do not have any gluten in the recipe.

Q: Are you a nut-free facility?

No.  We use a wide variety of nuts in many of our products and we cannot guarantee that cross contamination will not occur.  We recommend that you ask one of our staff about any possible allergens.

Q: Are any of your breads vegan?

Yes, most of our breads are vegan.  The only breads that are not vegan are the cinnamon raisin, honey wheat sourdough, and any breads that contain cheese.

Q: When do you make bagels?

Bagel days are Wednesdays and Sundays.  Flavours vary.

Q: Do you sell your sourdough starter?

No, we do not sell our sourdough starter.  We have worked very hard at creating and maintaining our sourdough starters, and it's the fun part!  We encourage anyone who is starting out in sourdough baking to create their own starter.

Q: What coffee do you serve?

We serve the First Peak blend from our pals, Counterpart Coffee.

Q: How do I place an order?

Please refer to our Orders page on our website.

Q: Where can I see which breads you are making?

We post our weekly breads on our Instagram and Facebook pages weekly.  Our daily staple breads are sourdough, french bread, baguettes, and epi-baguettes.  We bake sesame sourdough every Friday and Saturday. 


We also offer 2 feature breads and rotate through the following 2 lists in order (1 from each list):

whole wheat sourdough

seedy rye sourdough

honey wheat sourdough

light rye sourdough


garlic cheddar

olive rosemary

rosemary feta

cinnamon raisin